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1. Internet Cafe, Cyber Cafe, Game Cafe Self Service Payment System (ICPS)

2. Internet Kiosk, Game Kiosk, Application Kiosk System (WS)

3. Hardware Timer Controlled Coin op Xbox 360, Play station 3,  Xbox, Play station 2, Power Device

4. Parts: Universal Multi Coin Acceptor AK5

5. Parts: Bill Acceptor for Internet Kiosk

6. Parts: Internet Cafe Kiosk Interface Board, (interface with any thirdly party coin acceptor and bill acceptor)

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 Arcade Joystick  Canada US customer:
buy 1 unit US$7 plus shipping and  handling US$10

buy 2 unit US$14??

 plus shipping and handling US$10


Brand new 2 Arcade Joysticks and 8 Buttons for sale. Extra Button add $1.49. extra Joystick add US$6 extra set add shipping handle fee $5