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Coin Op System with Hardware Timer Controller AH5,
 Canada & US

1 unit US$249.99 plus shipping handle fee US$25,

please specify which of following model you need.

Model 1.

Change XBOX or Play Station into 'Arcade Game'

Just connect you XBOX's Controller cable into this device and then connect this device's cable into XBOX, then you turn you XBOX into coin operated 'Arcade Game', you can charge you customer by time. When user drop the coins he can play the XBox for certain time which programmed on the Timer control board inside the Cash box. When the LED display the time count down to 000, the use would not be able to play the Xbox.
Model 2

Coin op Coin Operated Power controller

Connect any electrical device's power cable into this Coin op Box and  connect this Coin op Box's power cable to source power socket, then you turn your electrical device into Coin operated. You can collect money from customer by timer. Default maximum is 120VAC 10A, 240VAC 5A, 24VDC 10A, can be customized for your requirment.


model 3

Coin op Operated public internet access Kiosk

You connect you mouse and keyboard cable into this device and connect this device's mouse and keyboard cables into your computer, then you turn you computer into PC kiosk, can be used to charge customer for Internet Acceptor, Game play, using applications, etc.


l         Multiple coins

It designed to set 5 different output value groups at the same time; every output value set can program 10 types?? coins.

Different output values mean number of output pulse.


  • LED display very bright.
  • Weavefuture AK5 Multple Coin Acceptor Can setup to recognize up to 5 kinds of Coin Currency for almost all countries and all kinds of tokens at anytime
  • include 110V AC adaptor
  • include Metal Coin Box about 14" X 10" X 6"
  • For large quantities, please contact weavefuture@yahoo.com for detail
  • l